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A morning game drive from Camp Shawu


Dry towards the end of winter, but plenty of game

Hazards and warnings

Game viewing is a dangerous activity

Detailed description

Although you are allowed to drive along the many dirt and tar roads in the Kruger National Park, to get some of the best viewings, you need to go on a game drive, from one of the safari operations in the park, who can take you onto the dust roads that cross the park. A good guid will know where the best game is to be found, and be able to show you the game, without the crowds that you sometimes get on the main park roads.

Although not the prettiest part of the park, the south has an amazing abundance of game, and you'd be very unlucky indeed to not see some of the big five game animals.

Part of a 2 week trip organised by SunSafaris.


Getting up at 5 is never great, but once underway in the game vehicle, and you'd got over just how early and how dark and cold it was at first, we settled in to see some great game viewing.

The southern part of the Kruger is a mix of sweet and sour veld, and the sheer quantity and variety of game is staggering. On previous drives we had seen elephant, giraffe, and rhinos, plus a few hippos and a leopard resting in a tree near the S27 road.

After a short drive to close to the river, we noticed a male lion headering north. We drove on, and saw a large axious herd of buffalo and impala, who seemed to be aware of the lions nearby and took flight easily.

We return to near the lion sighting, following a report of a sighting of the main pride, and came across a pride of lions feeding on a very recent zebra kill.

Driving on further we saw more zebra and wildebeest, and two hyena scavenging a kill, and a jackal, hovering by trying to escape with some of the kill.

On the way back we saw some more zebra, before returning to camp.

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