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A moderate 3 day hike in one of South Africa's most scenic areas.


This is a moderate hike. Day 1 is only 3.5 km, day 2 and 3 around 15 km of moderate terrain

Detailed description

Originally this was a 5 day hike (from God's Window to Swadini in the lowveld), but lack of maintenance caused the last two days to be cut off the hike. The Mpumalanga Parks Board is very disorganised, and the overnight huts are not in a great condition. Despite that, the hike goes through a beautiful area, and is not very demanding. NB: there is no secure parking at Paradise Camp. You will have to park your car at Bourke's Luck (secure) and take a minibus taxi to Paradise Camp. The taxi should cost you about ZAR 10-20 per person. The location of the Watervalspruit and Clearstream huts is fantastic, but the state of the huts is quite bad. Toilets are not working, the showers are exstremely dirty. Despite this, the hike is still worth the trouble

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