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A walk around the amazing Blasket Islands, steeped in history.


Grassy tracks, big drops down to the sea

Hazards and warnings

Missing the boat home!

Detailed description

Just getting to the Blasket Islands is no small feat, as the island lies just off the end of the Dingle Peninsula. A ferry runs to the island from both the nearest point on the mainland, and Dingle, but sea conditions mean landing is not always possible, except in calm seas. Being standed on the island if sea conditions become rough is a possibility.

From the landing slipway, make you way up to the village, with it's derelict houses, and pass around the north side of the village to follow a grassy track up around the side of the hilly. The gradient is not steep, nor is the path difficult, but the long drop to the sea concentrates the mind. After a mile or so, you reach a junction of track, where the island narrows and the path follows the ridge. Turn back at the summit (or carry on if you have time), and follow the track which follows the crest of the ridge, before descending to the village.

Allow plenty of time, as missing the last boat back to the shore, means a long wait for the next boat.


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