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A boat trip across to Comino, which offers wonderful swimming in the Blue Lagoon, and walk around the Island to visit the Comino Tower. Taking snorkling equipment is highly recomended, as there's not much else on the island.


Hot, with very pleasantly warm water.

Hazards and warnings

When you swim (as you'll want to) in the Blue Lagoon, jelly fish are something to watch out for.

Detailed description

Boats run from both Gozo, and near the Riveria hotel. The crossing doesn't take long and the boats are fairly frequent. Get there as early as possible to get a swim in the bay before the place becomes very crowded, with huge boats sending large numbers of people here.


We took the boat across to Comino, and rented a deck chair by the quay. At this time the azure blue waters of the Blue Lagoon were still uncrowded. We swam across the shallow bay and climbed into a short sea cave. We swam through the cave, until I started to notice loads of 'fried egg' jelly fish, which sent me back into the bay.

After that I walked up to the distinctive tower of St Mary (Santa Marija). The walk along th cliff offered lovely views of the blue waters of the bays and the islands and cliffs riddled with holes and caves. After making a donation to the voluteers at the door, explored the tower. The views from the top of the tower cover most of the island and surrounding areas, and include other nearby towers, which makes sense as the tower was intended to warn of approaching pirates and turks, and to be able to strongly resist any attack. The island is almost unhabited and now fairly barren, although you can see signs of fields and stone walls. Away from the Blue Lagoon it's was almost empty of people.

After returning to the now crowded water for a further swim, we walked across the island to the hotel. The hotel has a bar, restaurent and private beach, alongside a pretty bay, with some of the few trees on the island. Although there are no private cars and limited traffic on the island, the searing heat and lack of shelter prevented us from exploring further.

By the time we returned the number of boats was starting to reduce, with the big Captain Morgan Cruiser taking a good number of people away. After a last swim in the sea, and we found ourselves heading back on our boat. On the way back the boat came close to the cliffs, and we we able to see the many small and large caves which pierced the cliffs.

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