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A long circular walk around the Grigne group of mountains surrounding Lecco. The walk can be made less challenging and perhaps more enjoyable by splitting it over two days!


Avoid mid summer when it can be very hot and humid.

Hazards and warnings

Running out of water and afternoon storms in summer.

Detailed description

A very long day out involving a lot of ascent and descent. The terrain is often steep and rocky, especially in the first half. If you are doing the walk over two days the Brioschi rifugio on the summit of Grigna makes a convenient and beautiful stop over, or if you prefer to keep your style pure and unsupported you can find a bivy spot in the green valley on the descent down towards the rifugio Tedeschi.


Yet to complete the walk in a day! Have arrived at the summit of Monte Due Mani but was to weary to continue.. still a project.

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