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A dive boat trip with Mariangela Russo and her dad. First a fairly shallow dive with me to get some photos then park the boat in a bay to let some other try scuba


Sunny weather, water about 15 deg, and vis about 5 metres, with a fairly heavy swell, which you could feel even at depth.


After becoming stuck in Sorrento, after all flying stopped for a week, it was time to arrange a trip for the standed. I organised the dive boat I'd previously used (Futuro Mare run by Mariangela Russo and her dad), to take me out, and some other non divers, and and others for a 'try scuba' experience.


The weather was good and it was nice to be on a boat. I did one dive to around the 10-15 metre mark at a location called La Solara by the point with the romain ruins (Punta del Capo). We saw lots of life, but the vis wasn't great, as the sea was stired up. I'd never dived in a rough sea before and it was interesting to feel the waves move you even at depth.


My Olympus 1030 SW is rated to 10 metres, and I had previously taken it to 15. We kept a lot of the dive around 10-12, but ended up deeper than planned, and got to 19 metres. At that depth the buttons on the camera are pressed in by the pressure, so you can't use the camera, but it survived the trip very well.

I forgot to turn on the feature to record depth (it will just get annoyed and not record deeper than 10 anyway), but I did noticed the camera still functions at 15. Not recommended but I'm amazed at what a tough camera it is as there was no water ingress. In most circumstances, there's not much light below 10 metres, so for simple underwater snapshots it's perfect.

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