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Walking around some of the many wonders of Pompei, the famous site of a volcanic disaster


Rough stone paths make this unsuitable for those with reduced mobility

Hazards and warnings

In summer there's little shade and it can be very hot

Detailed description

There are many different routes of different lenghts around the ruins. This one attempts to visit some of the key locations in a few unhurried hours.


lthongh tour guides visit all the key locations, you might find a self guided pace lets you view the ruins without the crowds. If walking around outside a tour, try to time your visit to each place to avoid being at the key locations at the same time as the tours.

It's also worth bringing plenty of water. There are limited places you can buy water, or even taps supplying drinking water, but you'll need plenty of fluids, as all the stonework can make the heat pretty strong, and there's limited shealter.

If it's raining heavily, consider visiting somewhen else, as it can be muddy, with lots of standing water, and not a lot of places to escape a downpour.

You can catch the bus to Vesuvius from the secondary gate at the amphitheatre, and board before the crowds from the main gate. Just buy your ticket either from the station when you arrive, or from the Tabacchi opposite the gate. Combining the bus trip with the walk around the ruins let's you see both the results of the volcano, and the actual volcano.

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