Milan to Rapallo (Cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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A long hilly ride from the city to the coast. It's a route that can be done in one day if looking for a real challenge, though doing it over two days (with a stopover in Bobbio) would be more fun.


Largely good quality tarmac, though can be a little potholed around Oltrepo Pavese.

Hazards and warnings

Take care on the fast descents through the Oltrepo Pavese

Detailed description

The first section of the ride, to Pavia is very easy. It's nice and flat and goes along the traffic-free canal path.

After Casteggio you reach the Oltrepo Pavese which is very hilly, with some nice descents. Once at Bobbio the route is mainly a false flat. The section between Montebruno and the coast is the hilliest part of the course. . Save

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