Como-Ghisallo loop (road bike) Route Details

Route Description

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This route starts in Como, goes up the quietest lakeside road to Bellagio and includes the classic climb to Madonna del Ghisallo.


Good surface, apart from the descent from Solzago to Como

Hazards and warnings

A couple of tunnels on the lakeside road, Although they are reasonably well lit and only a couple of hundred metres long, lights are still useful. Also the return road from Solzago back to Como is a fast descent with a few tigh corners and the odd pothole.

Detailed description

A great little spin around the Lake Como area. The route to Madonna del Ghisallo is well signposted. The return route is well sign-posted to Ponte Lambro. From there, there are different routes back to Como. I have included the quietest road (SP37), which is parallel to the main road. This requires a degree of self navigation using the Kompass map of Lago di Como (number 91). You have to go through Albavilla, Albese, Tavernerio etc. Many cyclists take the slightly busier alternative along the SS342 as it is a better road for chaingangs and easier to naviagate.

Route Map

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