Pianello MTB 2 (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A waymarked trail in the rolling hills of La Marche, along quiet roads and non technical gravel tracks.


Half of the route is on quiet minor roads, and the rest on gravel tracks, with some occasional bits of nice singletrack. The route involves a long and very steep road climb

Hazards and warnings

In the heat of the Italian summer the hill will sap your energy, and possibly your watersupplies. Make sure you have enough water

Detailed description

Follow the west road from the junction in the centre of town. The route is well way marked, and you just need to look out for the yellow signs marked 'Pianello MTB 2'.

There is a further marked track from Piannello (MTB 1) which heads up towards Monte Nerone.

Follow the signs along the minor roads, until you turn left onto a grassy track which goes alongside a river, before crossing the river on a narrow bridge. Cross SP 201, and turn right and head for the turn on the opposite side of the road. Climb up the steep zig-zags until after what seems to be a long time, the gradient eases. The tarmaced road turns into a gravel track which passes several isolated houses. Eventually the track fades into a fairly overgrown, narrow track, before re-emerging onto a gravel track.

Follow the gravel track until you reach a junction, by a sign for the nature reserve. Follow the rocky track up hill into the wood, until you reach the egde of the wood, and the summit of the route, by the old concrete building. Then follow the track down into the woods again, after some nice single track, and narrowed wooded double track, you will join a gravel track. The track starts to descend past a ruined farm, and then turns sharply left, before joining a bigger track. At the junction, turn right and then follow the track, which turns into a tarmac road after it emerges from the forest. Follow the road downhill as it swoops past isolated houses in a series of curves. Keep a look out for the 'MTB route 2' signs pointing right, which divert you onto a steeply descending gravel track, which rejoins the road after 500 metres or so. Turn right on the road and follow the road downhill until you arrive at SP 29. Turn right and head towards the junction with SP 28. Turn left at SP 28 and follow it towards Pianello. Turn right and head to the centre of Pianallo. 

Route Map

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