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The classic tourist route around SE Iceland, called the Golden circle. This is the most popular tourist route in Iceland, so even off season it's busy.


Around freezing, some snow falling, not much sign of snow.

Hazards and warnings

Winter conditions on the roads make for scary driving. In summer you can shorten the route by missing out the route via Sog and the foot of the lake.


We left Reykjavik and headed off on the Golden Circle route.

After passing the dramatic snow covered landscape around Thingvellir, we had to divert from the summer route onto the longer road around the lake. We had a bit of a scare with sliding around on the snow, before getting to the geothermal area around Geysir.

Strokker erupting

After that we headed to Gulfoss to lunch at the cafe and walk down to the impressive waterfall.


Tim and myself ignored the rope barrier and climbed down tot eh edge of the falls, which was impressive.

We also briefly visited the water filled volcanic crater called Kerið.

Finally, we did something slightly naughy, but very fun, by buying some soap, and bunging it into a hot spring. The first hot spring was not playing, but the second put on quite a show.

Geyser Baiting

It's frowned upon, but very fun!





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