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A walk in the mountains north of Reykavik

Hazards and warnings

The North side of the mountain is extremely steep and craggy: about 80°in some places. In poor visibility it would be alarmingly easy to walk off this edge. Do not plan on walking on the top in poor vis unless you can DR navigate to within 5 metres. On the way down from the summit, the route crosses a small but steep rock band. Scrambling skills are needed. In all months except August, there *will* be snow on the tops. Icelandic weather is very, very changeable.

Detailed description

The route takes a steep, direct climb up to the top, a pleasant ridge traverse, then an easy, direct descent.


This is one of the first walks I did after moving to Iceland and a pleasure. I'd seen this beautiful, pyramidal summit teasing me across the bay for many months before I had the chance to do it.

I'm building up to climbing the N face in winter. It's like a long version of the N face of The Ben.

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