Herdisavík (Paragliding) Route Details

Route Description

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The local fliers have started using this site more and more. I wanted to have a look.


Flat path, steep slope, rocky underfoot.

Hazards and warnings

The slope from the path at the bottom to the launch site is very steep at the top, with loose lava everywhere. The road from both East and West to the site is gravel, which means it will be just as non-grippy in dry conditions as it will be in the inevitable snow and ice. The road and approach to launch *will* be snowy and icy between October and April.

Detailed description

Park on the corner of the road, near the NE edge of the lake.

Follow the vague path East along the foot of the ridge. It roughly follows a line of yellow plastic posts, which mark the route of a fibre optic cable.

Turn left, steeply uphill, at the point where the ridgeline is smooth and grassy; it's a break between the crags.

A stiff slog up the slope delivers one to the ridge, where there are many possible launch sites.

Route Map

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