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Route Description

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Hafrafell is one of the most popular launch sites for paragliders and hang gliders in the Reykjavík area. It favours a North-Westerly wind. The walk up from the parking area at the bottom is easy and takes only twenty minutes, even with a 20KG paraglider.


Steep mountain side on a thready path. Small rocks in places.

Hazards and warnings

None really. It *will* be snowy between the months of November and April. The summit ridge has steep cliffs at both ends, so be careful in poor visibility.

Detailed description

A short walk from the parking place to the launch site at Hafrafell.


The upper launch site is landscaped and has a large net for protection of the gliders. It is maintained by the local club: www.fisflug.is. Get in touch with them if you're a visiting pilot and someone will be glad to come and show you the ropes.

The lower launch gives a chance to get airborne even when the winds at the top launch are slightly too high. It gives one slightly less of a headstart in terms of getting into the lift band on the ridge, but if nothing else you can have some fun 'sled-rides' from here.

The landing area is large, being basically anywhere near the parking spot, possibly in the corner of the nearby field. This will be wet at the start and end of the season.

There are some summerhouses right next to the parking spot, so please be considerate and don't block their access. The owner of the large one with the windsock in the garden is a pilot himself.

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