Personal Best Flight 20 Aug 2008 (Paragliding) Route Details

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My personal best to date: 1h15mins of ridge soaring at my local site.


Half cover of CU/SC @ 3000', wind 290/5-7 m/s. i.e. perfect.

Detailed description

A lovely long flight on my new wing, at my local site.


I bought a new wing (Airwave Kiss DHV 1/2) just before I went away for my summer holiday and I was desperate to fly it. This was the flight I'd been longing for.

Got to the site early and hooked up with the guys from the club, including the instructor for the PG courses. I helped him sign off the qualifying flights for the last two students, then went up to the net.

A lovel smooth launch in perfect conditions, followed by a mental session of ridge soaring. The lift was smooth, some smally thermals coming through, and I managed to get 110m above the top of the hill at one point. I found it easy to regain height when I lost it and could have stayed up for two hours easily.

Nick was waiting for me in the car, my fingertips were starting to get quite cold, and my stomach was starting to growl, so I decided to land. Tried bigears after leaving the ridge, which was delightfully easy: very smooth both in and out, then really nice figure 8s to landing. Even managed some nice ground handling after landing.

This was also the first flight during which I felt confident enough to take my hands off the controls and adjust my harness, and really crank into the turns.

An amazing flight :-)

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