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A short and steep walk up a popular mountain just outside Hafnarfjörður


A fairly good path, but some sections are steep and the rock is loose, requiring care in winter conditions.


My last day in Iceland, and an alpine start found the three of us getting ready just as the sky lightened. There was some snow on the ground from the previous week.

We walked across the flat lakebed before the climbing began in earnest. As we climbed we could see the lights on the surrounding towns in the distance, and the large rocks looked huge and scary in the dull light. We joked about one group of rocks looking like a family of trolls, watching us on the hillside above.

As we approached the summit it started to snow, and soon the whole hillside was coated in a fine dusting of powdery snow. By this time it was pretty light, and you could see snow covered mountains on all sides. We signed the guestbook at the summit, before we picked our way down the now slippery path.

In the dawn light Helgafell looked impressively rocky, as we crossed the flat rocky barren plain dubbed 'death valley'. Just before we reached the car the first of the days other walkers passed on their way to the summit. 

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