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Our first visit to Bavaria, we roughly planned a cycle tour which included staying on campsites, in guest houses and a couple of hotels. We only pre-booked a hotel in Innsbruck and a hotel in Munich, the rest of the accommodation we just turned up at and it worked fine. We cycled between 35 and 45 miles on most days and had a couple of rest days. Stunning countryside, mountains, buildings, art and views. The cycle tracks were fantastic.


We had very hot weather so took extra water. Cycle tracks were very good and the attitude to cyclists was very positive.

Hazards and warnings

Cycle on the opposite side of the road than in England, you soon get used to this!

Detailed description

We really enjoyed our tour in Bavaria and Austria, there is a positive atmosphere here with plenty of places to eat, pretty towns to look round and fantastic cycle tracks.  The mountains are stunning and the countryside varied.  I loved seeing the houses and buildings, so lovely.

The tour was around 380 miles and we also did some extra little rides on our rest days, it was relaxing and very enjoyable. 

The campsites are different to French ones as in you don't usually get a designated pitch, you just go where you want.  All the campsites had food and drink available and the towns had good shops and restaurants.

It was great seeing so many people riding bikes just as part of their life, cyclists are treated well.


After planning a rough route that would take us from Munich to Innsbruck and back to Munich we set off on a very hot day, firstly stoppping just a few miles down the road at Erding (Erdinger Beer!) which is a beautiful little town, well worth a look round.  We then continued cycling along wonderful cycle tracks and routes to the campsite. 

The following day we set off to lake Chiemsee calling at Wasserberg am Inn for coffee and cake.  We camped near the lake for two nights, enjoying a rest day and a boat trip on the lake.  There is plenty to see round here, the food is good and the views lovely.

Day four we had a pretty ride begining along the lake and calling in at  Rossenheim for lunch (it was sausage salad) and a look round the town before continuing to Oberaudorf where we stayed in a wonderful Heidi like alpine guest house, such a treat to stay in one of these beautiful houses.  A very relaxing night and wonderful breakfast.

Day five was our ride to Innsbruck, after leaving the guest house we soon crossed the border in to Austria, it  is always exciting crossing borders!  We cycled through some lovely villages, stopping for lunch of Kasespatzle before cycling along the Inn. 

As this is the valley the cycle route goes along the river, near a railway and the motorway is close at some points.  Not my favourite bit of the ride but the Austrian mountains and the sunshine made it all right.  We camped the night not too far from Innsbruck, amongst the mountains as we had checked the weather and saw that the next morning would be rain so we planned a shorter cycle ride for the next day, straight in to Innsbruck.

We stayed in a hotel in Innsbruck for two nights as we wanted to enjoy the town and have a good look around.  It is a lovely place and we enjoyed our stay here.

Following our break in Innsbruck we set off cycling back along part of the Inn to Jennbach where we took a  wonderful little steam train up the mountain, with our bikes and gear, past great views to Lake Achensee which is stunning.  We found a very good  campsite just away from the lake then went for a swim.

Slept well, high up, surrounded by the  mountains, this was my favourite campsite and Achensee is wonderful.  Our days ride started following the lake and we followed some slightly off road tracks before finding a hidden spot by the river for a picnic.  Our next stop was back in Bavaria at Bad Tolz where we stayed in a little hotel, enjoyed some bavarian music and beer and chatted to some locals.  Another beautiful town.

Cycling onwards we headed towards Murnau am Strafelsee where we watched a parade of about 60 Bavarian fire brigade bands, we had a sausage and a beer and had a short ride to the campsite by the lake.

Our next day took us to our last campsite of the holiday on lake Ammersee, a lovely spot and not far from Munich.

The next days ride was a simple ride which brought us into Munich on cycle tracks, through parkland, very easy.

We stayed in a hotel in Munich for two nights and enjoyed the town, its parks, sausages and beer.

The ride back to Hallbergmoos was wonderful mainly through The English Garden, so easy to get out in to the countryside from Munich.

Arriving back at the hotel we were very happy with our 380 mile bike ride, not too tired and pleased we had chosen this area for our tour.

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