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Montmartre is an area of contrasts, with sleaze and breathtaking views in close proximity. Many of the more famous areas become overun with tourists, but a few minutes walk will take you to relative tranquillity.


Roads mostly. There are a lot of steps, and steep hills.

Hazards and warnings

The area around Square Willett is always crowded, and pickpockets, scammers and those on prey on the naive work the crowds.

Detailed description

From the Metro, walk up the edge of Sqaure Constin Pecqueur, and onto Avenue Junot. Note how as you go further up the street, the houses become smaller, and more individual, with several of the houses having been occupied by the more finacially sucessful artists.

Just before the junction, turn right, and pass through the small park. Turn right in the park, and exit the park, to  turn left and go downhill to the corner at Place Dalida. Walk back up the hill to the junction between Ave. Junot and Rue Giradon. Head south, passing into the narrow passageway of Rue d'Orchampf. At the end of Rue d'Orchampf turn right and go down the hill, over the steps. At the Rue Garreau, turn right and head along to the next junction, before turning a sharp left along Rue Duratin. Follow the street until you arrive at Square Jehan-Rictus, by the Abbesses Metro entrance designed by Hector Guimard.

Carry on along Ave. Yvonne le Tac, named in memory of the head teacher at a girls school who sheltered jewish children at her school, during the Nazi occupation. At the end of this street, take note of junction of 5 streets. Although busy with tourists, there still a residential feel to this place. Carry on along Ave. Tardieu, and into the inevitable throng of tourists, walking between the top of the Butte de Monmartre, and Anvers metro stations. Carry on in the same direction, before turning left and descending Rue Pierre Picard, and it's dingy looking textile workshops. At the foot of Rue Pierre Picard, turn left again and return up Rue Andre de Sarte. Then climb the steep stairs. Check out the pretty streets to the right, before turning left into the park (locked at night) and climbing steeply uphill. You'll start to see great views towards the centre of Paris as you climb. Turn up the steps just before turning the corner, and suddenly, you are on the road just below Sacre Coeur. Turn right and head 50 metre along the road, before turning left to climb the stairs to the entrance of the basilica.

Once you have seen enough of Sacre Coeur, go along Rue Azais, keeping a look out for the view of the Eiffel Tower to the right. Turn right at the end of the street and then follow the crowds to Place du Tertre. Cross the busy square, past the various artist themed tourist attractions, and pass along the narrow passage to reach Rue Poulbot. The staircase on the left, and the view out over western Paris (including the Eiffel Tower behind some trees) are worth looking out for. At the junction, pass around the Consult du Avergne, and go up the narrow alley. Turn left at the end of the alley and go down Rue Monte-Cenis. After the water tower, head down the steps. At the next junction turn left, and pass down the street, past the Jardin St Vincent, and the Clos (vineyard). Cross Rue Saules, and head down the road until you reach the square near where you started.



New Year's day was dull, with the sun trying to break through the thich grey clouds. A walk around Monmartre seemed like a good start to the year. After the mad festivities of the previous evening, empty champange bottles were very much in evidence, with every bin, and indeed flat surface near Sacre Coeur covered in the remains of the party. 

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