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A walk around Montmartre before dawn, on the quiet back streets and avoiding the usual tourist hotspots


Lots of steps, rough surfaces and hilly bits.

Hazards and warnings

The area around Pigalle is know for pickpockets. Care should be taken when passing through crowds.


Montmartre is usually crowded with tourists. However, if you pick the right time and avoid a few particularly busy locations (such as the steps of Sacre Coeur), you can enjoy a walk without having to push through a flood of people.

Dawn arrives late in Paris in mid winter, and if you get up early (it helps if you are in a hotel nearby) you can walk the streets of Montmatre during the time the local residents are out walking their dogs, visiting shops and starting the working day. And, unlike in the evening, the slightly sleazy area around Pigalle doesn't feel unsafe.

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