Gare du Nord to St Pancras (Trackbashing) Route Details

Route Description

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A trip on a Eurostar from Paris to London. As much of the UK side, on the new high speed line is tunneled, there are big gaps in the GPS track. Still, it is pleasant to travel in the UK, on a train at 150 + MPH.

Detailed description

Although France has an extensive TGV line network, the train didn't really start to get up to speed until the edge of Paris. However, once it has, the train madly rushes across the french countryside, passing Lille at quite some speed, and before long the train is slowing down to enter the tunnel.

Once out of the tunnel at the UK side, the speed picks up again, which you only realise when the train runs parallel to the M2, and cars on the motorway look like they are standing still. After diving under the north downs, and passing over the Medway on a viaduct, the recently opened line into St Pancras is reached. After going under the Thames, and emerging by the Dartford bridge/tunnel, the train soon goes back underground, only to reach the surface as it slows down to go around the curve into St Pancras.

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