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Detailed description

No.1 track is circular and is 13.7 km long. The first half of the track is from 276 m up to the highest point of 635 m, followed by the descent. Much of the trail (11.2 km) dirt road, a small portion (2.5 km) paved road.
Start is in great, near the Church. Augustine (276 m). Starting with the asphalt road towards Jankovcu and after 1 km turn left onto the dirt road. Continue along the gravel road 1.2 km, where we leave the main road and turn right (north) on a forest path. Soon we come to the most difficult part of the trail, rocky path length of about 800 m, where they will have to push the bike. We continue to climb next 3.5 km. On this section there are signs for two gazebos - Plush, 200 m from the slopes and Mališcak, 1 km from the routes (ascent on the lookout marked hiking signs). After passing the sign for Mališcak going slightly downhill to a junction with the road Large - Jankovac the 7.6 kilometer track. Continued to descend to the south toward the Great. At the 12-kilometer runs to the quarry where we come again to the asphalt road that leads back to the church.

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