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A technical, and hilly ride from Korcula town.


Some technical singletrack and some great descents, plus some easy gravel roads

Hazards and warnings

Pinch flats can be a problem on the rocks. Best done early in the day to avoid the heat. Going off the marked track anywhere in a recent conflict zone is a bad idea, as landmines are found in Croatia, although the conflict avoided Korcula.


Taking a bike on a beach holiday to Croatia sounded like a silly thing to do.I had previously done this and my bike took a week to turn up, and I found to my horror that both my bike and travel insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the bike. Then theres the  hassle to strip the bike down, take off pedals, bag the bike up, drag it on the train and then to Manchester airport, hoping the checkin staff were having a good day and wouldn't mind the excess weight of the baggage, and then the long wait at the other end to see if the bike turned up.

Around Korcula I saw various other riders on orange bikes and assumed that they were on some kind of organised mountain biking holiday, but I didn't manage to chat to anybody to ask were was good to ride. I did get a walking map from the tourist office, but nobody seemed to be clear on where and what you could ride. The thought of all the landmines and other ordnance left behind in Croatia made the prospect of going seriously offroad a little scary, but as the conflict had avoided the island, I thought it would be prefectly safe to stay on paths that looked like they were used.

After putting the bike back together and hitting the trails all this was forgotten. 10 minutes of ride from town, and the wide gravel tracks gave way to narrower more technical tracks in all directions. I decided to try and follow one of the way marked walking trails, as that way there was some hope of doing a decent circuit. Some of the marked trails were too rocky to be enjoyable to ascend, so I deviated onto gravel roads which seemed to go the same way. Just before Zhrnovo, I found the start of a rocky track that crossed a road currently being built before heading down the mountain on sections of old road, interspersed with rocky and fast descents. After crossing the road again there was a great descent, although heavy and very prickly vegetation ripped my legs to shreds. Before long I was back in Korcula, and ready to have breakfast and do beachy things.

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