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A short walk around the most amazing city walls of the old town of Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic.


Although the walls are fenced in, some parts are fairly exposed, so a good head for heights is required. There are a lot of steps, particularly up to the Minceta tower.

Hazards and warnings

Avoid doing this in the middle of the day in summer, as there is little shade from the sun.

Detailed description

The elevation profile doesn't really tell the full story, as the walls around far above the ground, and you'll climb up and down far more than the elevation profile might suggest!



A visit to Dubrovnik is not complete without a circuit of the city walls. The walls are generally massive, particularly on the seaward side, with huge fortifications to repeal invaders and show the cities power.

The walls in places have a wide and easy path, but as you go further the top of the wall can be quite narrow in places, which when combined with crowds, can be a bit scary, with some huge drops below to the rocks.

If you do this in summer, make sure you are well shielded from the sun, and take drinking water and remeber to drink it. Stopping off at one of the many places along the way to eat or sightsee is sensible way to miss the heat of the midday sun. Although there's plenty of cool shade in the old town once you leave the main street, the sun is merciless on the walls. The sea breeze helps a little bit, but the reflected light makes getting sun burnt a real possibility.

Once you are done with the walls, a visit to the rest of the town can be made. There are cafes on the seaward part of the wall, if you fancy lingering on the sea ward side of the walls to savour the views. There are even a few places to swim off rocky steps, although you'll have to drop from the walls to get to them.

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