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A real beautiful hike through the Iguaque National Park to the Laguna de Iguaque.


Path is only in a very good contition at the beginning

Hazards and warnings

partly quite slippery path, also partly steep

Detailed description

This beautiful trek goes through different vegetation zones to the Laguna de Iguaque - a sacred lake for the Muisca indios.

Part of path in cloud forest can be partly very muddy - thus take good shoes.
Also it can be quite chilly at the top, thus a sweater is recommended as well.
The only shops are at the beginning, thus buy water and food there, if needed.

To go to the trail-head, take the mini-bus from Villa de Leyva - details at the bus station or from
Catching a ride back might be tricky, so don't  return too late.

Hiking from the bus stop to the National Park office takes some 45min, from there to the top some 3 -3.5hrs.

At the Laguna, dont forget to touch the water for good luck.

A good description of the hike can be found here:


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