Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail / Indian Arm Lookout H (Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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Hiking, Deep Cove, British Columbia by James_Wheeler

Detailed description

The Deep Cove Lookout hike has different names depending on which book, or site you check out: Quarry Rock Hike, Grey Rock Trail, or Indian Arm Lookout Trail. Each is just a different name for the east section of the Baden Powel Trail that goes from the town of deep cove to a lookout rock. The viewpoint provides a fantasitic view of deep cove and Indian Arm. It is a great little hike for those in Vancouver who do not want to spend the entire day on the trail and are hiking more for pleasure than exercise. The hike is relatively easy compared to many trails on the north shore (like the Grouse Grind). View the Complete Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail Guide with Waypoints

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