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Collins Bonnet. Half day walk starting at Big Bend just before the pinnacle of Mt Wellington. Allow 4 - 5 hours to complete.

Hazards and warnings

Snakes, fast changing weather conditions.

Detailed description

Half day return walk from Big Bend, Mt Wellington.

Collins Bonnet is located amongst numerous peaks North West of the Mt Wellington pinnacle, Wellington Park. A leisurely half day walk with spectacular views over Hobart, the northern and eastern suburbs, the Channel region, the Huon valley, North towards Collinsvale and New Norfolk and West towards the South West world heritage area. Tasmap: Wellington Park Recreation Map 1:20000.

The route given here takes the walker over Mt Connection and the track consists of fire trail, single walking track, duck board and a little boulder hopping on the North side of Mt Connection and the final approach to Collins Bonnet.

I can recommend this route to anyone from beginners and children to seasoned bush walkers looking for a half day stroll.

Due to the possibility of fast changing weather conditions in this region be sure to pack some warm clothes.

Approx distance: 14km return.
Allow 4 - 5 hours to complete the journey and return.

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