Mawson Plateau Traverse (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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Part of walk is exposed and some rock scree is encountered. There are no navigation aids or track over the plateau. Moderate grade walk 4-5 hour walk


Sections are rough and some of the tracked area is quite wet at times

Hazards and warnings

Rock screes and exposed alpine plateau without navigation aids

Detailed description

Initially the track to Lake Belcher is followed to the saddle below Mawson Plateau. This section is at times quite wet and much is over open moorland with the last short part through snowgum wood.  From there it is a short climb , including parts over boulders  to the plateau followed by a pleasant walk over the top.  This plateau is quite exposed and navigation could be a problem in poor conditions.  The descent route is via the ski areas down to Lake Dobson, and it is possible to use the old partly overgrowing Golden Stairs route rather than the jeep track.   Unless there are two cars there remains a walk back up the road to Wombat Moor.

Route Map

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