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A longer an interesting route initially follows the track to Mt Field East and then descends on the northern side of Mt Field East and crosses the snowgum woodlands and heathlands.


Some uneven terrain and there are rocky sections to negotiate, but not difficult.

Detailed description

The route to Field East is simply along the formed track. The descent off Field East has to negotiate some rocky screes parts oh which have tree and scrub cover.  At the bottom a plain is reached with an array of low bushes and herb.  It is a fairly easy crossing of some 700 metres to an attractive woodland which has some pools  before reaching another plain followed by another woodland.  The highest part of this final snowgum woodland is traversed  towards Davis Lookout.  However from this direction the actual summit can not be seen and several rises are encountered which may seem like the top.  The third one along is the actual top.

The return can by the more direct route over the lower sections of Windy Moor.


 The weather was very good for walking as it was sunny but never got too hot.
As the summit could not be seen from our approach route, we ascended the first rocky top only to glimpse another peak ahead.  On reaching that one  it became obvious that the real top was still ahead.  However lunch called and  this being close enough we decided to call a halt.  So the Lookout was not actually reached . Although we had been there before.
Walking over the Windy Moor sections on return became quite tiring due to uneven and soft nature of the ground cover.  There was also no water, although we were carrying some, and with time running out we did not have much in the way of stops.
The contrast to the situation on the summit of Mt Wellington 3 days earlier was remarkable.  At Mt Field the steams and pools were dry, whereas on Mt Wellington they were all quite full and the little feeder streams were flowing and everywhere.

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