Crecent Bay and Mt Brown (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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Pleasant coastal walk to stunning beach and viuews to huge cliffs


easy coastal track, but involves an optional climb

Hazards and warnings

Care needed near blowhole

Detailed description

Track leaves near end of road and follows over sandy heathlands which are very good for flowers in spring.

The junction for Mount Brown is met just prior to reaching Crescent Bay.  The walk to the bay only has very minor ups and downs so is easy going. Climbing Mt Brown is a different story, although it is not overly steep nor a very long climb.  The views from Mt Brown are quite good.

Plenty of time should be allowed for wandering Crescent Bay.

It is 1:15 walk to Crescent Bay and the ascent of Mt Brown takes 30 minutes (all one way times).

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