Wellington Park Big Bend EW Trails loop (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant walk along fire Trails and a good walking track in the Wellington Park Reserve near Hobart


The Big Bend Trail is rough in parts, particularly in the down hill section from the Pinnacle Road and where it passes Tom Thumb. The Mt Connection Track has recently been rerouted and is an excellent Track but has a few rocky sections which can be slippery when wet, especially on the East West Trail side as you ascend Mt Connection.

Hazards and warnings

Rough trail surfaces, slippery rocks along the Mt Connection Track

Detailed description

From the Big Bend carpark, cross the Pinnacle Road and walk west to the Big Bend Trail, or if this small 2-3 car carpark is full, park further up the Pinnacle Rd at the Thark Ridge carpark and walk back down the Pinnacle Rd to the Big Bend Trail.  Walk west up then down the Big Bend Trail noting the Mt Connection Track junction on the south side about 1.8km along.  Continue on the Big Bend Trail to the west then the north and down to a large clearing on the west side with a wooden arrow on the ground.  This is the Tom Thumb Track start.  A detour up Tom Thumb will take about an hour return.  Continue down the Big bend Trail passing the Knights Creek Trail to the east until you reach the East West Trail.  Walk west again along the East West Trail to the junction of the Myrtle Forest Trail staright ahead.  Go left to the south west up the hill past several recently refurbished fire water dams until a large dam directly ahead is reached.  This is at the junction of the Mt Connection Track and the East West Trail.  Go left along the Mt Connection Track and up to the Mt Connection Plateau where the loop to the north has beautifully bypassed a marshy section of the old track. Excellent views to the north across the derwent Valley along this new loop.  Continue east along the Mt Connection Track.  Two interesting rock features may be located on the southern side of Mt Connection ridge, Pulpit Rock and the Lectern using GPS and/or the Wellington Park Recreation Map.  The Mt Connection Track continues east down across a large marsh via boardwalks eventually connecting with an old jeep track the contours around the western flank of Thark Ridge.  Turn left at the junction and head north back to the Big Bend Trail.  Turn right and walk back up to the Pinnacle Road and your transport.


I did this walk without side trips on Good Friday 2011 and found it to be a very pleasant ~14km ~6 hour walk.

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