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Great walk for beginners to advanced walkers, joggers and runners. It can take from 1 hour to a little over two hours to complete depending on your level of fitness. Definately one of the most picturesque walks in Sydney.


Rain, hail or shine. Make sure you take water with you.

Hazards and warnings

None really. High tide will mean you will have transverse some sections via road however most will be by a well worn track with some stairs along the way.

Detailed description

This is a must do walk for anybody living in or visiting Sydney. It takes in the magnificent foreshore of Sydney Harbour offering plenty of fantastic photo opportunities along the way.

The Bavarian Bier Cafe on Manly Wharf is an excellent way to finish your morning. A big breakfast is served all day for less than $10.00. The Bus stop for your return to pick up your vehicle is at the wharf just over from the cafe. Catch any bus heading to City via Mosman. There is a bus stop at The Spit.

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