Trestle from Mountain River (bushwalking) Route Details

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The walk is quite steep for most of the length and requires tarversing rocks on the last part of the ascent of Trestle.


moderate difficulty

Hazards and warnings

Rocky sections

Detailed description

Initially the track up from Mountain River is not unduly steep but that is short lived as 10 minutes from the start it has a decent slope  for the next 30 minutes or so before a 15 minute level section.  On the third creek crossing in becomes quite steep and remains so until meeting the junction with the East West Fire Trail. Part way up there is an old previously disturbed site that was found to have exotic Broom growing and  beyond this the ascent becomes a bit more gentle.  Eventually the East west Fire Trail is met and followed for a short distance until the walking track junction is reached.  The first part involves a short scree crossing then a zig zag uphill through the bush.  The last half of the ascent presents many rocks to cross before arriving at the summit.

Moderate difficulty and it takes about 3 hours to reach the top. It is 6.5k one way

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