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This is the most direct way to Salters Point, a narrow neck of land jutting into the western side of Tasman Peninsula. From the point there are quite spectacular views of the coastal cliffs near Tunnel Bay, Shipstern Bluff and Cape Raoul. The bushland through which the track goes has many wildflowers and the Tetratheca being quite spectacular in spring.

Hazards and warnings

High cliffs

Detailed description

Initially a vehicle track is followed for 1.8k where a small pile of rocks mark a walking track that ascends, steeply at times, to join an old vehicle track that meets a rough signed junction  with Slaters marked to the left and Curio Bay the other way.  The track descends very gently and joins onto a more distinct vehicle track, although bauera and other scrub is gradually overgrowing it. As the walk progresses the dominant eucalypt forest gives way to a lower heathland before the views down onto the coastline appear.  At a marked junction a right turn leads to a sharpish descent towards Salters Bay but soon levels more and circles a creek before coming to Salters Point.  The track virtually ceases on reaching a rocky area and it is a matter of following the most open rocky land between scrub belts to make the final short descent to the tip of Salters.

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