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Commencing from Big Bend, this is a totally off track walk, although it is an option to use a track for a short distance.


Parts are over spongy uneven herb and fern plains and these are often quite wet.

Detailed description

Walk SE from Big Bend over the open plain and head towards a snow gum wood.  Go round the southern edge of it and cross to the base of the rocky summit plateau and follow this until the closest point to dead Island. Cross over walk through Dead Island, which is far from dead with lovely snow gums and bushes, before walking over the at most times wet  drainage plain.  The South Wellington plateau from this entry  direction has a few relatively easy cliffs and boulders, but once on top it is delightful country.

It is quite easy to circle near the edge where good views are obtained.   The return can be off the eastern end of the plateau and pick up the South Wellington Track before leaving this and  walking over the upper plateau towards Big Bend.


The weather was  a delight..  We left Big Bend and skirted the plain, crossed to Dead Island and then scrambled up to South Wellington plateau.  Several vantage points were visited before crossing the middle of the plateau, past numerous pools and then walked over the summit plateau and descended back to the cars.

It was most noticeable that the top of the mountain had heaps of water, with pools all full and streams running; this in mid summer..

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