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Moderate grade walk


Good track with some boardwalks

Hazards and warnings

Navigation on the ridgetop but relatively easy

Detailed description

Although the first part of this walk is on the rubbly Big Bend Fire Trail it is overall a very pleasant walk, and at March 2011 has had a surface upgrade and is now less unstable.  On the north east side of Connection there are Myrtles, Waratah, Epacris (flower  early winter) and Pentachondra (flowering Jan-Feb) and on the summit Orites revulata is dominant.

The first turn off onto a track (from fire trail and signed) is a little overgrown and can remain quite wet.  The second section at the junction with the fire trail has had maintenance work and is now a clear and easily to follow track through the wooded area then meets a moorland of  open heath which has now been boardwalked (once there were multiple tracks (Dec 2000).    This has greatly improved the experience, and the braiding which was starting to rehabilitate by Dec 2005 is now quite well hidden and not obvious at all (March 2011), so it allows one to stroll along easily and dry and thus enjoy the  plant community on this wet plain including areas of Richea.   Part way over is a delightful copse of trees that make for a good refreshment break.

At the foot of Mt Connection the track has been cleared back and is very pleasant walking withy gentle ascent to small open plateau where new rock work has for a scenic diversion from the closed off old degraded track.   This track continues down to meet the East West Fire Trail and can be used to go to Collins Bonnet.

The summit area of Connection, however, is well worth visiting in its own right.  Two features are marked on the map, The Lectern and Pulpit Rock, and it is poses a small challenge especially for first time visitors to discover where they are.  The top of Connection is unmarked but never far from the track and has a lovely feel to it.

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