Barren Rock Circuit (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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Walk partly over private land

Hazards and warnings

Cliffs steep loose slopes

Detailed description

A walk not many people would do, especially as permission has to be obtained to cross private property. The Woodfield owners, however seems pretty relaxed about access through their land.  A stiffish climb over scree gets to Barren Rock and the descent on the other side is easy enough.  A small creek soon leads to Bagdad Rivulet and into undisturbed bush, including a bit of thickish stuff forcing which may force venturing into the rivulet. This can be slippery on the rocks there and by the time Barren Rock Falls gets close either the steep side slope can be used for access or just stay in or beside the rivulet.   From the top of the falls a climb to gain higher ground is needed, then the slope followed down to reach the falls walking track.

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