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Moderately hard due to steep ascent


Big bog holes on White Timber Trail and Jeffreys Track is steep

Detailed description

The ascent and descent from Mitchells road via Jeffreys Track is quite steep and a little over 2.5 k long.  The descent when the gravel is dry on the lower part is treacherous and with a big packs somewhat dangerous.  In any event it would be quite unappealing for walkers to descend and then return the next day, no matter how enticing accommodation and meals might be.  The only real option would be for a 4wd to collect and return people to the top.   420m (300-720) over 1.9k  Aprox 1 hour
The White Timber Trail is in poor condition with numerous large water filled holes some clearly quite boggy.  To be acceptable it would need to be changed to have the ground built up to a walking track width path.  At the moment motor bikes use the road but it may be feasible to have them use the proposed path.  All 4 wheel vehicles would need to be banned from the section as far as the newer constructed road. Approx. 3.5k from the start.
It would also be completely unacceptable for any logging to undertaken anywhere near the track, if the is to be used as part of the walk.  The trees in parts of this area seem quite interesting and should be preserved.  The flora along the first 3k of this track is good.
At the point of meeting the upgraded road there is an option of using a 400 metre bit of old road, however the new one is not appealing at all for walking on.  Aprox 1:30
White Timber Mountain is a reasonable peak to visit and provides good views from the north eastern end over the forest below and into the Lachlan valley. Parts of the Wellington Range are clearly visible; Charles Marian and Collins Bonnet etc.
The route up at the moment is roughish and only a pad.  It takes about 30 minutes each way to the summit.

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