Walls Of Jerusalem via Lake Ada (bushwalking) Route Details

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Bushwalk from lake Ada to the Walls of Jerusalem in October 2009

Detailed description

A 4WD track runs around south of Lake Ada but part can be avoided by crossing a bridge at Ada Lagoon and heading up to a clump of trees on SW horizon. From here the track is picked up again and followed to world heritage boundary where the track becomes more of a foot one.
From here the track can be followed to Lake Fanny or Lake Antimony.  But to reach the Walls off track walking is required but the country is easy to walk through with several higher eucalypt clothed ridges  that can be followed.

One option is before dropping to Talleh Lagoons head NW off the track cross the valley north of them and head up onto higher ground to the south of New Years Lake and some pretty & small lakes where good camping can be found. Continue NW past New Years Lake into Powena Creek valley and onto to Zion Gate which is a pretty entry point to the Walls. Prior to here it is an option to head up higher and go in a direct line for East Wall (Mt. Jerusalem). This latter area has been badly burnt and only remnant pines remain from an extensive forest, a very sad sight. It is a short distance from Zion Gate to Dixons Kingdom. Great camping can be found in pine forest in Jaffa Vale (423687).

Another option is to head off earlier just after Christys and pick the north leading ridge to Lunka Lake and then veer north west to walk on the north side of New Years.  Several campsites exist on the ridges between Lunka and there.  Before Zion gate this route passes through a lovely old pine forest.

A pad runs on the east side of the valley under the cliffs of Mt Jerusalem and this can be followed well up the valley before crossing to meet the East Wall track to Dixons. 

From Jaffa Vale follow down to east end of Lake Ball then turn into Bernes Valley with many lakes and the Pine River. At Antimony Lake there is track up through the tier initially beside Powena Creek. If the water is high there is a rock crossing point about 100 metres up from where the track comes in from Silver Lake.  Care needs to be used about half way up as it is easy to get off it. On tier head NE to Theresa Lagoon, then continue until picking up the track to Ada. There is camping near hut at L Antimony, but is prone to mosquitoes;  a nice spot can be found at Theresa (494632).



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