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Quite a hard walk with no markings



Hazards and warnings

navigation and scrub

Detailed description

The route commences from a forestry road starting just after the Navarre River (aprox 9.6k from Derwent Bridge) and taking a right fork at 6.5k.  At the end of this a logging track leads part way to the Guelph River and then through more bush to the lake shore of Guelph Basin, with just one short, but slow to cross, buttongrass plain.   The GPS is invaluable in getting from the road to the lake and also for many other parts of the route.
If the lake level is below capacity it is straight forward to walk along the shore to the western end of Guelph Basin.  From here there is buttongrass and scrub. The Divide Creek, for some of the way, has banks that give good walking conditions.  A few crossings need to be made to get to the best banks and fortunately plenty of rocks allow these to be dry affairs. When the plain opens out there are plenty of wet areas with water filled holes. 
The route to the northwestern corner of the plateau the follows a ridge that can be distinctly seen from the valley.  The top half is not difficult to avoid any scrub although there is plentiful Bauera to walk through.  The lower half shaded open forest prevails making progress easy. 

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