Prosser Sugarloaf via Twamley (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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A steady climb, initially on a 4wd track then the final ascent over rough and rocky ground


rough ground

Hazards and warnings

rough ground

Detailed description

A vehicle track leaves from Twamley and passes through a gate after some distance before reaching a forest plantation.  Keep on the main track avoiding a left and then a right hand roads then after leaving the plantation area the track climbs up to a junction marked Trams to the left and Golden Gully to the right.  Take the left hand track for Prosser SL which climbs steadily on the southern side of a hill passing through a wet forest  environment with ferns and mossy rocks before reaching the hilltop.  Prosser Sugarloaf is  directly east from here but a more open route to the top can be found by continuing on the track to a distinct ridge and then ascending over rocky ground to the summit.


Easterly conditions with a large high pressure approaching Tasmania gave us a bit of drizzle at the start, but this was short-lived.  Two dogs from the farm accompanied us for , with one turning back at morning tea time whilst the other stayed for the full trip.   We walked on an old vehicle track that became rougher after passing beyond the Eucalypt forest plantations.  The final ascent was from a distinct ridge but the return took a more direct route to rejoin the track

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