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A bushwalk along the Timbs Track in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tasmania. An area with magnificent old forests that are to be logged with the loss of huge Myrtles and Eucalyptus trees.


Can be muddy in parts

Hazards and warnings

The Adamsfield Track to Churchills Hut is at times a little unclear but is marked with tapes. Several trees and branches are over the track requiring either climbing under or over or detouring around. The Little Florentine River has to be crossed on an old tree limb spars.

Detailed description

The track is signposted and starts on the right hand (northern side) of the road.  Once the track was the main way of getting to places such as the Denison Range and the Thumbs, but with the coming of closer road access via the Florentine Valley and Tiger Range usage diminished. Nowadays it is mostly used to walk to the upper parts of the Florentine River.

The first section is through magnificent forest with large Myrtles and giant Eucalypts, including swamps gums, before opening to a button grass plain then dropping very gently back to forest surrounding the Florentine River.  Soon after re-entering the large forest a track junction is met with the left going on a short distance to the river whilst the right follows along the old Adamsfield track for close on an hour to reach Churchills Hut in a clearing.

There is a lookout half way along the timbs track that gives good views to The Thumbs and Mt Wright in one direction and The Needles and Mt Mueller in the opposite direction.


We last visited the magnificent old forest of the Upper Florentine in 2003 and at the time could not really believe that anyone would dream of logging the huge Eucalypts and Myrtles growing there.  Sadly on a return walk along the Timbs Track there was clear evidence of  forestry roads pushing into the area within a stones through of the start of the track.  We felt that the forest industry just has no soul and perhaps even worse is the politicians supporting this who have no feeling for what they are allowing to happen.

Any politician standing at the next State election who is not prepared to do all that is possible to stop this wanton destruction will get  our vote.

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